Pay & Play

Updated on 16th March 2015 by Paul Heneghan

For players who don't play every week, we have a Pay & Play option. It is considerably restricted compared with full membership, but you just pay 7 per court (3.50 each). If you are playing once a week or more, then you are encouraged to obtain full membership.

Pay & Play Rules

Here is a summary of the current Pay & Play rules:

  1. Once an account has been set up for you, court bookings can be made using the online booking system.
  2. The court heaters turn on automatically in response to bookings, and the lights can be turned on using the switches opposite the door of Court 2.
  3. Pay & Play users are restricted to 24 hours advance booking.
  4. Pay & Play sessions are currently limited to bar opening hours. In practice, this means after 19:30 on weekdays, and morning courts (09:00 to 12:00) at weekends.
  5. Court fee of 7 to be placed in one of the provided envelopes and put in the box in the balcony. Use of showers and changing rooms is included in the fee.
  6. Access to the building can be gained by pressing the button on the intercom system by the front door. The bar staff can open the door remotely. Door entry fobs are only available to full members.
  7. No membership of squash leagues (you'd need to play weekly, and that clearly would put you in the full membership category)
  8. No entry to club tournaments unless they are specifically open to non members
  9. No club night - this is only open to members and (for a month's trial period) people considering joining as full members
  10. No use of club or car park except while playing squash
  11. Clean gum-soled squash shoes must be worn. These are the only soles that are guaranteed not to mark the wooden floor. Asics, Hitec, Karakal, Prince, etc. all make court shoes with these soles. Please do not wear your squash shoes outside, particularly in the car park, as the dirt sticks to the soles and comes off on the floors making them dusty and slippery.
  12. Rackets must have intact non-marking bumper strips. Coloured bumper strips will leave a coloured mark on the wall. Fractured or missing bumper strips will expose the graphite of the racket and this marks the wall and is IMPOSSIBLE to remove. It is possible to buy Crash Tape specifically for the purpose of covering damaged bumper strips. Ask Paul for details.

Pay & Play - How to Join

Email the squash captain with your name, address, phone numbers and email address to get a logon on the booking system.

Squash Committee