2008/09/10 Committee Meetings

Updated on 10th May 2010 by Paul Heneghan

AGM - 22nd January 2008


  1. Minutes of 2005 AGM
  2. Election of Officers
  3. Outgoing Captain's Report
  4. Teams
  5. Events (Club Night, etc.)
  6. Tournaments
  7. Leagues
  8. Bookings
  9. AOB


Richard Avery, Peter Bolshaw, Richard Chinn, Neil Healey, Paul Heneghan, Lisa Hobbs, Brian Ireland, Ros Porter, Steve Porter, Dave Potter, Dave Preedy, Victoria Seymour, Granthan Speake; Martyn Whiting

Address from Chairman

John Lomas was away, so Steve Porter stood in for him. First of all, he emphasised how much we owed to John Lomas and Mike Sanger Davis for the support for our section in the aftermath of the flood and the rebuild phase. Steve also said that John would like to pass on his thanks to all those members who had helped out during this time.

Minutes of 2005 AGM

These were approved.

Election of Officers

Richard requested some help with some of the captain's duties and got assurance from several members that (with sufficient notice) they would help with attending meetings, etc.

Captain: Richard Avery (proposed Neil Healey, seconded Brian Ireland)
Vice Captain: Victoria Seymour (proposed Richard Avery, seconded Martyn Whiting)
Secretary, Website, Bookings and Tournaments: Paul Heneghan
Fixtures and Leagues: Martyn Whiting
Court Maintenance: Steve Porter
Men's Team Captain: Richard Leedham
Ladies' Team Captain: Ros Porter
Vets' Team Captain: Jonathon Bomford
Junior Captain: Clare Heneghan

All the above are automatically on the squash committee. In addition, Lisa Hobbs is also on the committee.

Outgoing Captain's Report

Richard Avery spoke about the main issues that had affected us in the recent past - mostly about the post-flood problems. He also mentioned various ways forward: flood defences, raising the courts upstairs, etc.


As the men are likely to finish within the top two positions in Division 3 this year, they will almost certainly gain promotion to Division 2. This means that we will be in a good position to enter two men's teams next year.

The ladies will carry on running a team next year also.

The vets got scrapped this year, but we should be able to run a team next year.

Likewise, the juniors didn't enter a team this year, but should be in a good position to enter one next year.

Events (Club Night, etc.)

We need to open this up to Leisure Centre players as a way of attracting them to the club. We also discussed whether we could make club night more attractive to the higher-ranked players.


We will run the Handicap Tournament in the 2nd weekend in March. It was suggested that everyone gets automatically entered into the tournament (unless they opt out).

We will run the Club Championship in April.


Martyn Whiting will run these. We will start off with a paper version, and if it takes off will consider an online version.

Again, these were seen as being vital in attracting Leisure Centre players to the club.


Victoria Seymour said she thought it was a very good system. Paul asked for suggestions for changes. Martyn Whiting requested a logout button which Paul promised to do that evening. There was then a short discussion about the advance booking period for Court 3 (seven days) compared with that for Courts 1 & 2 (14 days). Although about 50% of those there did not mind either way, the other 50% felt quite strongly that all three courts should have a 14 day advance booking period.

Guest Fees

Guest fees are currently being put behind the bar (Martyn Whiting), or given to Paul Heneghan (Peter Rhodes). It was agreed that they should be fixed at 2.00 (both peak and off-peak). After the meeting, Dave Preedy suggested that we use the light meter from the snooker room as a receptacle to receive the money. We will ask Rob Fisher if he can move it.

Court Lights

There was a request that members set a good example by remembering to turn off the court lights when finished.

Grand Opening

This should really hinge around when Richard Avery and Nigel Hunter can organise a squash pro to give a demonstration.


There is currently no link to the squash website from the main club site. Steve Porter will remind Mark Dewdney.

Paul requested a 2nd-in-command for the online booking system. Steve Porter will approach one of our members who may be able to help.

Paul Heneghan
Squash Secretary

Squash Committee Meeting - Thursday 27th November 2008

Present: Richard Avery, Paul Heneghan, Granthan Speake, Martyn Whiting Jonathon Bomford and Lisa Hobbs.

Apologies: Clare Heneghan, Vic Seymour, Steve Porter and Roz Porter.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Court Maintenance

JB agreed to loan the club his tower scaffold to carry out the remedial works previously identified:

  • Holes in the walls
  • Repair/replace wall and floor tape where necessary
  • Repair/replace ceiling panels where necessary

A working day of Tuesday 30th December 2008 was agreed. LH and PH to speak to SP re arranging working party of volunteers to carry out works. [LH/PH]

The possibility of a grant to insulate above the court roof was discussed. LH to determine with JL and MD if this would be possible. [LH]

PH would be working on Heater no. 3 and the heater control system and would be trialling it over the coming weekend. [PH]

JB to look at alternative cost for heater element. [JB]

Balcony Redecoration

Balcony redecoration was well underway.  All of the painting had been completed. Works remaining were identified as:

  • Investigate whether the flue pipe can be removed that is currently running up the back wall by the cabinet. [LH]
  • Lock for the cabinet so it can be used. [PH]
  • Team photos - old and new. [LH]
  • New flooring. [LH]
  • Relocation of the computer terminal towards the back of the balcony where it would be safer. [RA]
  • Conversion of the current seating in a seat/storage box. [LH]


MW reported that the club leagues were continuing to be well supported by members.


The club handicap tournament had previously been set for 20/21/22 and 27/28 February 2009. However, after discussion it was agreed to trial a new format. Tournament to start on Monday 23rd February and matches to be played each night with the final being held on Saturday 27th Feb around 5pm. Team captains to confirm there were no matches scheduled for this week. [MH/GS/LH]


RA confirmed he was currently only running one session per week, late Saturday morning. Discussion on CRB registration ensued and it was agreed that anyone who currently had continued contact with children on the premises should be CRB checked. After speaking with the Club's Child Welfare Officer it was noted that this was not only to protect the individual coaching but also to ensure the Club's position was as protected as it could be. Anyone who refused to obtain CRB clearance would be advised they were unable to coach children on the premises. [RA]

RA undertook to facilitate the County Community Coach ????? [RA]

New Members

PH stated he was still in possession of the bar vouchers for Mark Longthorne.

The closure of the Leisure Centre was discussed at length and our best method of recruiting new members in the Spring. The possibility of offering a reduced membership for the first 12 month period was suggested. This to be discussed at Exec meeting. It was also agreed that rather than trying to obtain contact numbers from the noticeboard at the leisure centre that a meeting be requested with the Manager at the leisure centre with a view to producing a flyer for their current members.[LH]


JB confirmed that the Vets had pulled out of the Gloucestershire League this year. It was hoped that a team would be re-entered for next season.

Water machine - PH to chase at next Exec meeting. [PH]

RA reported that ERC had been selected as one of the clubs to be reviewed by Sport England. The information required was reviewed by the Committee and LH undertook to commence work on this. LH to email Committee in due course. [LH]

MD had requested that all club bookings should be put on the website to ensure that membership were kept informed. [PH]

Money box - it was agreed that the old wooden money box used in the snooker room could be re-sited in the light cupboard for guest fees to be put when the bar wasn't open. [VS]

It was noted that 10 had been allegedly stolen from a visiting squash players belongings.[ALL]

Meeting Closed 9.55pm

Next meeting to be agreed

Lisa Hobbs

Squash AGM - Tuesday 23rd June 2009

Present: Victoria Seymour, Thomas Heneghan, Paul Heneghan, Mark Longthorne, Jonathan Bomford, Ian Jervis, Brian Ireland, Granthan Speake, Martyn Whiting, Richard Chinn, Neil Healey and Richard Avery.

Apologies: Wayne Hooper, Steve Porter, Neil Thorneywork, Ed Thorneywork.

The Minutes of the 2008 AGM were read and approved. Proposed by Victoria Seymour, Seconded by Lisa Hobbs

Squash Court Improvements

The Second heater on court 3 - Rob Fisher was currently investigating as the wiring appears to be ok but the heater still does not come on. It is requested that this be fixed prior to the end of September.[PH]

There is one element not working on court 1 and 3. Court 2 is complete. Paul Heneghan to source replacement elements.[PH]

Court walls - as the walls are still playing ok it was agreed that no works would be carried out at this time. Paul Heneghan to ask Steve Porter to obtain costings to re-plaster left hand wall on court 2 and the right hand wall on court 3.[PH]

Glass door - court 1. A glass replacement will cost in the region of 1K. Martyn Whiting to explore a poly carb alternative.[MW]

It was hoped that the championship boards could be brought up to date. Martyn Whiting will obtain a quote from a signwriter for these works.[MW]

A quotation for radiators to be installed on the court balcony was being obtained.

Teams, Tournaments, etc.

Men’s first team ended the season just below half way coming 5th in Division 2.

Men’s second team ended the season 3rd in Division 3.

Ladies team performance remained consistent.

Paul Heneghan was looking at the possibility of running a men’s third team for the coming season.[PH]

Squash championships to be held w/c 21st September 2009, with finals at 4pm on the Saturday.

Handicap tournament was envisaged to take place in March 2010.

Paul Heneghan to look into the possibility of getting racket ball up and running at the club.[PH]

Election of Officers

Richard Avery was thanked for his contribution as Squash Captain for the year but he had decided to step down. The following officers were elected:

  • Captain - Mark Longthorne, Proposed by Richard Avery, seconded by Martyn Whiting
  • Vice Captain - Victoria Seymour, Proposed by Jonathan Bomford, seconded by Granthan Speake
  • Secretary - Lisa Hobbs
  • Performance Director - Richard Avery
  • Web Master and Bookings - Paul Heneghan

Committee members in addition to the above, Jonathan Bomford, Martyn Whiting and Granthan Speake

Court Bookings

The court booking system was discussed and agreed that the current on line system was working well.

Pay and Play

There was concern about guests wearing the correct footwear and policing of this could not be done whilst a club manager was not on site. It was agreed to trial pay and play to see the level of interest.


Victory Seymour undertook to produce a poster to be given to the Leisure Centre that was scheduled to close in October 2009. [VS]

Meeting closed 10pm

Lisa Hobbs
10th May 2010

Squash Committee Meeting - Tuesday 15th Spectember 2009

Present: Richard Avery, Jonathan Bomford, Paul Heneghan, Lisa Hobbs, Victoria Seymour, Granthan Speake, Martin Whiting,.

Recruitment and Pay&Play

The possibility of getting leisure centre squash members to join or play and pay at the club was discussed. Options for P&P were discussed. Remote access to the club when bar staff are on site was considered the most effective solution. It was agreed the bar staff could not be asked to take monies and check shoes for P&P. LH undertook to email officers to see if intercom system could be authorise, for use Sat/Sun lunchtimes 12-2.45pm and Mon-Fri 7.30pm onwards. [LS]

The cost of P&P was agreed at 7 per court.

Court Maintenance

Court heaters were discussed. LH to email Rob Fisher to see if he can fix the current problem. [LH]

It was agreed Steve Penrose would install the radiators on the court balcony. Quote had been approved by the Executive.

PH undertook to order some spare elements for the court heaters. [PH]

PH undertook to obtain quotations for the cleaning of squash court walls. [PH]

Gold Charter

RA was asked to prepare the documentation for the coaching element of club mark folder. [RA]


PH informed the meeting that the would be a general clean up on Saturday morning 0830-12 noon. Main area to concentrate on would be the area down the side of the tennis courts.

N Thornywork's current coaching activities were discussed at length. It was agreed that the Committee would insist that he obtained CRB clearance if he planned to continue coaching juniors at the club.

Rohan had written to the committee asking if he could bring his scout troop to the club for a taster session for squash. This was agreed. It was suggested that Thomas H play an exhibition match with Tom Bomford if this could be arranged.

Lisa Hobbs, Squash Secretary, 6/6/10

Squash Committee Meeting - Tuesday 9th February 2010

Recruitment and Pay&Play

P&P - 7 court fee was agreed as being acceptable.

Leisure Centre update was going well and VJ had spoken to the Leisure Centre about getting an information board put up to advertise squash, tennis and rowing. [VJ]

Court booking system

PH reported that he was experiencing difficulties with the Internet based booking system. Since the influx of members from the LC there had been several occasions where the system could not cope with a double booking on the peak time courts. After very lengthy discussion it was agreed that the easiest and fairest solution would be to make the courts become available on a random basis until PH was able to re-write the program. Timescale for the re-write was not currently defined. [PH]

Budget items

  • LH undertook to email the quote for the replacement glass door for court 1 to the officers. [LH]
  • PH organising quote for court cleaning. [PH]
  • It was agreed that the roof insulation needed to be investigated now the balcony radiators were in.

Gold Charter

Renewal of Gold Charter/Club mark had come to a standstill. It was agreed this needed to be reviewed.


RA undertook to arrange an Easter "Egg" Curry night - provisional date set for Friday 16th April 2010.

The Handicap Tournament date was set for Monday 19th April through to Saturday 24th April.


MW undertook to obtain a price to get the "honours board" sign written to bring them up to date.

PH reported that the edge boards on the all three courts needed to be lifted and 3mm removed off them. MW and RA agreed to help with this process. [PH]

VS undertook to research a supplier of squash club kit. [VJ]

Lisa Hobbs, Squash Secretary, 6/6/10

Squash AGM - Tuesday 11th May 2010

Present: Paul Heneghan, Jonathan Bomford, Granthan Speake, Martin Whiting, Victoria Jervis, John Lomas, Lisa Hobbs.

Apologies: Mike Appleby, Rupert Kinder, Dave Potter, Ben Salcedo, Wayne Hooper, Colin Gordon, Rohan Goonewardena.

The Minutes of the previous AGM were read and approved. Proposed by Paul Heneghan, seconded by Granthan Speake.

Election of Officers

  • Captain: Rupert Kinder. Proposed by Granthan Speake, seconded by Martyn Whiting
  • Vice Captain: Victoria Jervis. Proposed by Jonathan Bomford, seconded by Paul Heneghan
  • Secretary: Lisa Hobbs. Proposed by Martyn Whiting, seconded by Granthan Speake
  • Committee: Richard Avery, Jonathan Bomford, Paul Heneghan, Granthan Speake, Martyn Whiting. Proposed by Lisa Hobbs, seconded by Victoria Jervis

Court Improvements

MW had received an estimate for a replacement glass door for court 1 at a cost of 1,000 + vat. This would be confirmed once a site visit had been undertaken and measurements confirmed. MW was hoping to keep the cost down by asking them to contact us for a site survey when they are next in the area. To date no further contact has been received from this company.

MW had today received a copy of a quote from Courtship Limited, based in Wellington, Somerset for court maintenance works required. This supplier had also been asked to quote for a replacement glass door but unfortunately the current size of door is no longer available and further details are awaited. Action: MW

LH suggested that the three quotes received for the court maintenance be compared ahead of the next Executive Meeting scheduled for Thursday 27th May. This would hopefully mean that if approved the works could be carried out during August 2010. Action: PH

MW to contact Rob Dufty from Droitwich to obtain information on works and costings they had just had completed as a comparison. Action: MW

PH reported that Rob Fisher would be fitting the thermostat to court 1 sometime during the next two weeks. Action: PH

LH suggested that the section budget include the supply of a new ball feeding machine for coaching sessions. PH undertook to obtain quote. Action: PH

PH commented that he would like to try and arrange for a repeater screen to be linked up somewhere by the front door. This would mean court bookings could be viewed from this point. PH would also like to install a larger flat screen for the PC on the squash balcony. RA to source price asap. Action: PH/RA

VS suggested that for future tournaments the section considers the purchase of "larger" trophies that can be held for one year by the winner rather than buying new trophies every year. It was agreed that we should try and ascertain where the old trophies have disappeared to first. Action: MW/VS/PH

LH commented that the glass and steel balastrade recently installed at Stourbridge would be a good improvement at Evesham if funding could be secured. PH undertook to speak to his contact at Stourbridge to try and ascertain supplier and cost details. It was also suggested that local glass suppliers be contacted with a view to offering the squash tins as sponsorship in full or part payment. Action: PH/VS/LH


The team standings at the end of season were:

  • Mens First Team - Finished 3rd in Division 2
  • Mens Second Team - Finished 4th in Division 3
  • Ladies Team - results not available at time of meeting

PH stated that he was planning on running a mens third team in the upcoming season.

PH is organising a marking court which will hopefully take place some time during June 2010. PH to email squashers to see how many players would like to be included in this session. Action: PH

JB/PH confirmed that neither a Veteran or Junior Team would be run this year.


A new format for the Championships would be tried this year. It will take place over 5 scheduled days with the final being held on a Thursday night.

  • Thursday 9th September - 1st round
  • Friday 10th September - 2nd round
  • Monday 13th September - 3rd round
  • Tuesday 14th September - Semi finals
  • Thursday 16th September - Finals

The Handicap Tournament would be held in April 2011 but the format will be dependent on the success of the one shown above.

PH undertook to start a racketball league. The club's supply of racket ball equipment will be put back in the squash balcony cupboard so members can try it out and decide if they wish to participate in the league. Action: PH/RA

Court Bookings

Things had now settled down with the amendments to the programme having been made some weeks ago. PH reported that the changes had meant no clashes/deletions in bookings had happened.


The meeting discussed the current annual subscription rate of 276 per year. It was noted that members seemed to be happy with the rate and there was no current plan to amend it.

Pay and Play

Numbers were starting to dwindle but this was mainly due to P&P people converting to full squash members.

JL requested that a member be nominated for calls to be received to a landline from the club telephone diversion currently in use. The current set up of going to a mobile was proving fairly costly. It was suggested that Rupert be asked if he would be willing.

VS undertook to get the noticeboard at the leisure centre organised. It was agreed it should be titled "Evesham Rowing, Squash and Tennis Club" if possible. Action: VS

PH was asked to put reference to pay and play on the squash website. Action: PH


MW commented that the club sign currently located on the Abbey Road had been vandalised. JL undertook to try and have this rectified. Action: JL

JL wished to place on record his thanks to PH, VS and LH for all their hard work at the Executive Meetings.

Meeting closed 9.30pm

Squash Committee