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Mission Statement

To encourage and assist people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to develop their knowledge and enjoyment of the games of Squash and Racketball in a congenial social atmosphere and within well-maintained facilities.

Court Booking and General Information

  1. Squash bookings are for sessions of 45 minutes, as detailed on the booking pages on the web site.
  2. Courts may be booked by squash members by selecting their name and the name of their opponent for the session required. Advance bookings may be made up to two weeks ahead.
  3. Lights are turned on by operating the switches opposite the door to Squash Court 2. Please turn the lights off when finished!
  4. The booking PC in the balcony also controls the heaters. It will turn on the heaters up to 90 minutes before a booking to ensure the courts are up to temperature at the start of the session.
  5. Sessions are governed by the time displayed on the radio-controlled clock by the light switches. This (along with the clocks in the balcony and the booking computer) is synchronised to atomic clocks run by the National Physical Laboratory at Anthorn (formerly Rugby), so it should be pretty accurate!.
  6. Courts booked in advance must be cancelled if not required, so that other members may use them.
  7. Courts which are not occupied 10 minutes after the start of any session are available for use by other members, notwithstanding that they may have been booked. Late arrival may thus result in forfeiture.
  8. There are no light fees for squash members. However, there is a guest fee of 3.50 per session (2.50 off peak) which should be collected by the member from the guest, and put in the box in the balcony in the provided envelope. This will be checked off against the booking by one of the officers later.
  9. It is fraudulent to avoid payment of Guest fees.
  10. Free visiting membership is available to England Squash and Racketball individual members on payment of the usual Guest fees.
  11. Guests who play more frequently than once a fortnight should consider becoming full members.
  12. Under no circumstances may the courts be used for any purpose other than for playing Squash or Racketball, in accordance with the rules of the game, and with appropriate equipment and balls.
  13. Players using the squash courts do so at their own risk.

Tournaments, Competitions and Leagues

  1. Club competitions are held regularly. These include Ladies’ & Open Club Championships, Open Handicap Competition, Restricted (non team players) and racketball. Details are on the tournaments pages on the website and also posted on the Squash notice board.
  2. The club enters Men’s and Ladies’ teams in the Hereford and Worcestershire County League. Anyone interested in Team Squash should contact the Squash Captain or Vice Captain who will introduce them to the appropriate Team captain.
  3. There is a very active league system in the club. Currently we have about eight leagues of six players each. Each league period lasts six weeks, so there is plenty of time to get your games in. The leagues are used to come up with the ranking list for the teams.
  4. Club Night for players of all levels, is held every Thursday evening from 7.30 pm. All members are encouraged to participate.


  1. Only white-soled or non-marking shoes may be used on the courts.  Shoes that have been worn outside the club house may NOT be used on court as they deposit mud on the floors.
  2. Players must wear appropriate clothing for the sport. There is no restriction on colours. Protective eyewear must be worn in Doubles play, and is recommended for use at all times. The Club has protective eyewear available for the use of members free of charge. It is kept in the locker in the Squash Gallery.
  3. Metal-framed rackets are not permitted. Racket head protectors are required on all graphite type rackets, and should be opaque, or covered by specialist tape, available from the Squash Captain and Hon. Secretary free of charge.
  4. Players are requested to use black or blue balls, appropriate to their standard. Green balls are discouraged as they mark the courts.
  5. Rackets and balls are available for use by beginners free of charge.

Good Practice

  1. Evesham Squash is committed to ensure that the talents and resources of all its members, coaches, volunteers and visitors are utilised to the full, and that no person receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, disability, marital status, religious belief, social class, colour, ethnic group, age or sexual orientation, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be relevant to performance. However, it reserves the right to limit certain competitions to persons of specific age, gender, ability or disability groups to provide opportunities for equal competition.
  2. Codes of Conduct covering Fair Play and Coaching have been published by Evesham Squash, and copies are available for reference in the Squash Gallery, and on the Club’s website. It is also fully committed to the Club’s Child Protection Policy.
  3. Members’ attention is drawn to England Squash's Technical Sheets 13 (ES Safety Code for Squash Players) and 14 (Eye Protection for Squash Players), copies of which can be found on the England Squash and Racketball web site. Members are strongly advised to read these papers, and act in accordance with the advice contained in them.

Squash Committee