Squash Court Heaters

Updated on 22nd September 2010 by Paul Heneghan

The heaters are controlled by the booking system. The heaters are turned on in advance of a booking to allow the court to get to a suitable temperature before the start of the session. This advance period varies depending on the month and court. Please let Paul know if you think it's not doing an adequate job and needs to be tweaked.

Heater Control Program

The Heater Control Program must be running continuously on the booking PC. Do not shut this program down! The program interrogates the booking database once a minute and sends a signal to the Heater Control Box to turn on the heaters as appropriate.

Heater Control Box - with Override Switches

The Heater Control Box on the wall has three override switches which allow the Heater Control Program to be overridden. This has been provided to allow the heaters to be switched on and off should the Heater Control Program have crashed. The switches can be set to three positions as follows:

  • Position 1 - switch pressed against wall - heaters are controlled by Heater Control Program
  • Position 2 - switch in central position - heaters are off (permanently)
  • Position 3 - switch pressed away from wall - heaters are on (permanently)

Please do not use these override switches except in the case of a failure of the Heater Control Program. If you do use them, please let Paul know ASAP that the Heater Control Program has failed so he can sort it out.

If the override switches are used to turn the heaters on, then they will stay on (possibly all night) as the Heater Control Program cannot turn them off any more. Similarly, if the override switches are used to turn the heaters off, they will stay off all night, and the courts will be cold the next day.

Court Thermostats

Max = 22.5°C
Min = 17.5°C

Each court has a Honeywell thermostat mounted just above the door. There is a combined thermometer/hygrometer just beside the thermostat so you can check the court temperature and humdity. The thermostats should be set to 20°C. If you feel a little warm and would like the court slightly cooler, nudge the thermostat down to 19°C. Similarly, if you feel a little cool and the thermostat has switched off the heaters, nudge the thermostat up a degree or so until the heaters come on. The thermostats are fitted with endstops that restrict temperatures to the range 17.5°C to 22.5°C.

If there is any part of this you do not understand, ask Paul for a personal explanation.

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